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Zambia : Caritas commends ECZ


Caritas Zambia Director Eugine Kabilika has commended the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) for conducting credible and transparent elections.

Mr Kabilika observed that the ECZ worked well with the election monitors who were assigned in various polling stations.

Mr Kabilika told ZANIS today, that monitors have submitted good reports on the efficiency of the Commission.

He explained that their monitors reported that all polling stations were opened on time and that everyone that queued up was allowed to vote.

“And the counting of ballots, all had been done according to the regulations provided by the ECZ,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Kabilika further noted that the delay by the ECZ to announce results for the presidential elections caused anxiety among members of the public.

“People were waiting long hours at Mulungushi. We went there on Sunday and the results were only announced in the early hours of Monday, people developed anxiety including members of the public that were watching on private and public television,” he added.

Mr Kabilika, however, expressed happiness that despite the COVID-19 restrictions, people turned up in large numbers to cast their vote.

“We can only be happy and congratulate Zambians for their participation. We are only sad that others lost their lives,” he said.

He called on members of the public to remain peaceful during the transition process by celebrating responsibly and avoiding violent acts.

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