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worsening famine situation, international humanitarian ignore


Parts of Wollo under TPLF control reportedly facing unprecedented famine. Power and communication out of service


The TPLF still controls some areas in Wollo, Amhara region of Ethiopia. When the region’s president, Agegnehu Teshager, was remarking on the occasion of new year celebration, he said “we do not know about the circumstances of  4 million people in the region in the areas that are under TPLF control.” 

No communication in the areas under the control of TPLF and  no electricity. 

It may mean that four million people in the Amhara region of Wollo are facing famine. At least four million people are in need of emergency food aid. 

A large part of North Wollo, including Sekota which fell under the TPLF terrorists on the eve of Ethiopian New Year, is under the TPLF control. 

Emerging reports on social media are very disturbing. Activists say the region is affected by famine and starvation. Images circulating on social media (one like posted above) are shocking. 

International Aid Agencies that were crying foul for “unfettered humanitarian access” to the Tigray region are now silent about the famine situation in Wollo. 

The Federal government does not seem to be responding either. Activists have been campaigning on Twitter. “Wollo_Famine” and “WolloCan’tWait” are among trending hashtags as the activists are trying to influence decision makers and actors in the humanitarian sector. 

Well over 500,000 people have been displaced from different parts of Amhara region of Ethiopia since the TPLF opened a military campaign in early July. 

They are staying in cities like Dessie, among others.  They are residing in makeshift shelters and in need of food and other humanitarian aid. 


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