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Varsity don calls for investment in solar energy for sustainable development


Against the backdrop of epileptic power supply in Nigeria, a university don, Prof. Ma-Riekpen Edekin Evbogbai has advocated for a photovoltaic power generation which involves the direct conversion of light energy from the sun into electrical energy.

Speaking weekend at the second inaugural lecture series of the Edo University (EU), Uzairue, near Auchi, Etsako West local government area of Edo State, Prof. Evbogbai explained that photovoltaic power generation is the most viable solution to resolve the electrical energy crises in the country because it is renewable, clean, cheap and environmental-friendly.

In the lecture titled, “Light, Man and Development: Photovoltaic Power Generation for Sustainable Development”, he emphasized that power generation shift from conventional hydro energy to renewable energy- solar-generated power is what Nigeria needed at this point for a sustainable economic, industrial growth and development.

He noted that renewable energy such as solar power is inexhaustible, replenishable and environmental-friendly and can also be converted to electrical energy and is available for everybody, unlike hydro energy which requires a swift-flowing river and hydrocarbon-based energy resources which are site-specific.

Prof. Evbogbai, the Dean, School of Engineering lamented that aengineer meagre 5,000MW of electricity is currently available for transmission to final consumers, adding that there is a need to improve electricity generation and distribution across the country by incorporating Photovoltaic Power generation in the nation’s electricity energy mix.

He said: “Solar energy can be put in practical use, such as rural electrification of small and isolated communities, water pumping, storage of drugs and vaccines in health clinics, powering remote transmitters in telecommunication and railways signalling, protection of oil pipelines, storage tank, television viewing and street lighting ”

Prof. Evbogbai lamented the high percentage lack of access to electricity in Nigeria which leaves the country with the largest energy deficit in the world.

He advised the government to take advantage of photovoltaic power generation to improve electricity supply for the creation of new markets, businesses and jobs openings which provides more opportunities for individuals to earn income and lift themselves, families and the community out of poverty.

He recommended that high tech solar panel production factories should be established and the existing ones be properly equipped and funded to meet the demand for solar panels in Nigeria.


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