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In the past weeks, readers would recall the conspicuous presence of Dr. Alieu Gibba and his associates in the news headlines regarding threats to embark on a sit-down strike and to disrupt student exams if UTG did not meet their demands. One demand was to hold deanship elections across the Schools. The ferocity and intensity with which they made the demands looked convincing at face value, but beneath the veneer lies a cocktail of falsity, bogus claims and envy. The crave for power and authority, coupled with selfishness, led Alieu Gibba to make an ominous call for the lowering of the eligibility criteria for Deanship from being a full Professor to a mere senior lecturer to suit his purpose. No sooner than the call for aspiring candidates to express interest in the elections were made than Alieu Gibba sprinted with astronomical speed to throw his hat in the ring. His participation in the said Deanship election on Tuesday 17th August 2021 crystallized the enigmatic, egoistic and self-centered nature of Alieu Gibba. His lust for power, fame and prestige is indescribable. His constant yelling and ominous calls for the change of the old guards across the broader spectrum of the UTG landscape are all motivated by his insatiable thirst for power and authority. But we the academic staff of the School of Business and Public Administration have showed our resolve by voting for the best candidate in the person of Assoc Professor MM Fanneh. Out of 40 votes cast, Dr. Fanneh got 77.5% while Dr. Gibba secured a paltry 22.5%. This humiliating defeat visited upon Alieu Gibba is our collective resolve to block his attempts to use our school for his selfish aggrandizement.

This routing defeat has also revealed and confirmed the feelings and thoughts of many observers that Alieu Gibba ascended the UTGFSA presidency thanks to the gullible cleaners, drivers, grounds men and janitors.


It was a good omen for Alieu Gibba to test his popularity in the polls among his academic peers, and now he has been exposed to being a nonentity and a charlatan. Shame on you and your loud-mouthed rabble rouser Tumani Sanneh. If I were you, I will change my title to President of UTG cleaners and janitors.

Alieu Gibba professed to be a true Muslim, but I doubted his sincerity. He does not have fate, neither does he believes in predestination or supremacy of divine will. He has invariably exhibited narcissistic tendencies and hurt his fellow Muslims.

Just to illustrate Alieu Gibba’s love for titles and eagerness to occupy prestigious positions, find below:

  1. Just barely a month after he returned from his PhD studies, he applied for a position in Monrovia, Liberia, and guess what, he failed the interviews.
  2. He had applied for the position of UTG Director of Quality Assurance and WASCAL Deputy Director, and on both occasions, he failed woefully.
  3. He applied for the position of CEO GIEPA but was not even shortlisted.
  4. He agitated fervently for the lowering of the Deanship eligibility criteria from being a Professor to a Senior Lecturer to suit his purpose.

With a bag full of disappointments and humiliations, we will not be surprised if Alieu Gibba will mount a fresh campaign to revert the Deanship eligibility criteria from being a Senior Lecturer to a Professor, all hoping to displace Dr. Momodou Mustapha Fanneh. We will now wait and see his next moves.

We, the academic staff of SBPA, convey our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Fanneh for this well-deserved victory.

From a Jubilant SBPA Staff

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