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Tunisia- Democratic Current calls for the return of Parliament


 Chairman of the National Council of the Democratic Current Majdi Ben Ghazaleh said the council has drawn up a roadmap that it plans to propose to President Kais Saied to accompany the exceptional measures declared on July 25, 2021.

Majdi Ben Ghazaleh pointed out that the party opposed the change of the political regime, believing that the parliament should resume its activities following the implementation of the provisions of article 163 of the electoral law. Consequently, the lists of Ennahdha and the parties affected by the electoral offences revealed by the report of the Court of Auditors would be cancelled and a recount of the votes would be carried out.

The nominees from the lists arriving in the second position in the electoral constituencies concerned will then take the place of the dismissed MPs. In addition, according to the laws in force, parties that have received foreign funding may be subject to judicial dissolution, said Ben Ghazaleh.

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