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Tunisia-Abdellatif Mekki sends an open letter to the President of the Republic


Abdellatif Mekki sent an open letter to the President of the Republic Kais Saied on August 14, 202. Mekki told President Kaïs Saïed that possessing majority support within the movement and in power does not permit him to ignore the party’s history in the struggle against power. He further reminded Saïed that governance in Tunisia can only be conducted through a harmonious policy, taking into consideration the particular nature of the nation and its people.


Abdellatif Mekki explained to the President of the Republic that the differences of views regarding his July 25 decisions are not insignificant, however, today everyone is questioning the future of Tunisia and demands a resolution. he said that at this stage, only two choices are required, the first one draws its source in the constitution which will bring you closer to your allies and will express that you are not a dictator, but the second. is unpredictable, unconstitutional and will above all call for intervention from outside our sovereignty ”.

Abdellatif Mekki revealed that the first choice will be based on a meticulous understanding of the grave mistakes perpetrated before July 25, by reforming the constitution, the internal regulations of the parliament, which will resume its work to fight against the corrupt and guarantee harmonious coordination with the different state institutions.

He further added that the change of the speaker of the parliament and the establishment of a new political consensus is by no means an obstruction, without forgetting the formation of a new government carrying a program to rescue the country in the face of current hurdles.

Through this letter, Abdellatif Mekki explained to the President of the Republic that these measures will ensure an institutional restructuring accompanied by a legislative reformation of the fundamental laws and principles, in particular: the electoral law and the political regime of the country, according to the constitution and the adequate mechanisms.

Mekki declared that such a move will ensure Tunisia international grandeur, through the selection of a solution in line with its history marked by flexibility and compromise. He continued his statement by specifying that the second choice, which concerns the suspension of the constitution followed by the dissolution of the parliament, will lead Tunisia into the unknown, particularly after the end of the popular euphoria. Abdellatif Mekki concluded his letter with a question: “So why choose the most difficult path when the first solution is capable of mobilizing everyone and bringing the country towards hope and tranquillity”.

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