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Thugs steal 33 chicken from Gulu University lab


By Ivan Tolit

Police have summoned three students of Gulu University following a Tuesday morning incident in which thugs broke into the institution premises and stole research samples and specimens.

The thugs stole several units of research samples, including 33 chicken meant for research purposes from the Faculty of Agriculture’s chicken coop.

The students, according to a source at the university, hold spare keys to the laboratory and the chicken coop.
The thugs allegedly climbed over the walls to access the units.

Mr Geoffrey Beyihayo Akiiki, a lecturer and researcher at the university’s department of Animal Production in the Faculty of Agriculture, said they realised that the chicken were missing on Tuesday morning.
Mr Beyihayo said the chicken are fat, of mixed colour and with metallic tags on their right wings.

He appealed to the public to inform the university if they have seen them because they are harmful for human consumption since they have been injected with deadly chemicals.

“We brought these chicken from different parts of the country to conduct an experiment to study the DNA of these local chickens to see if they can improve their productivity and growth to boost poultry production in the region,” he added.


Mr James Ojok Onono, the deputy spokesperson of the university, said the incident was unfortunate.
“We will make sure the culprits are reprimanded and the samples and specimens, including the chicken are recovered,” Mr Onono said.

He cautioned Gulu residents  to stay away from things meant for the experiment because they are always treated with deadly chemicals.

Mr David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region police spokesperson, said he was yet to establish the details of the matter although he heard about it.

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