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Nearly five years ago the Gambian people instantaneously instigated an unprecedented mass movement fuelled by ‘’The Gambia Has Decided’’ motto, in support of a hurriedly formed opposition party Coalition, known as Coalition 2016. Surprisingly, the said Coalition went on to achieve the impossible by defeating the 22 years dictatorship of X-President Yahya A. J. J Jammeh. Prior to this accomplishment, President Jammeh was well known as one of the most powerful and autocratic leaders in Africa. With all the power at his disposal, President Jammeh portrayed a more terrifying figure to ordinary Gambians than a Lion, which they could bravely mob on and kill in the street in a show of bravery and cultural feat. Jammeh on the other hand, reinforced by his hunger for power, became too complacent and arrogant vowing to rule the Gambia for ‘’a billion years’’, if God Wills.

However, despite all his powers and dictatorial tendencies, the Coalition 2016 prevailed over Jammeh with current President, Adama Barrow winning as their flag bearer. The collective support and power of the Gambian people overshadowed the mighty powers of Jammeh and ended his 22 years rule in humiliation. It was the Coalition stakeholders backed by the power and sacrifice of ordinary Gambians that defeated Jammeh, consequently those same Coalition stakeholders and ordinary Gambians are more than capable to replicate the 2016 accomplishment. I therefore call the Coalition-2016 think-tank and the Gambian people (the Hands that tied the Lion – by replacing dictatorship with democracy), that same Hands should untie it (remove President Barrow from power). The President has betrayed the coalition and the Gambian people for that matter I call on the current opposition parties in the country to come together and please sacrifice for the sake of your country, to stop any possible President Barrow continuation. Barrow is more of a liability than asset and leaving him in power will ruin our nation. We need to restore our transition through a genuine constitutional, security sector and institutional reforms that we crave for. Let our collective desire focus on removing the Barrow misrule because that is the common enemy to our democracy and national development. There should be no complacency in this task and there is no time to waste on gauging the prudence of coming together. We must not allow President Barrow any opportunity to clandestinely manipulate to entrench himself like Jammeh did. We should just make sure that this time we put in place proper control mechanisms for the stakeholders to sign a binding document or bond that can be enforced against any foul play.


I am sure that the way the Gambian people ended Jammeh’s dictatorship in that same way they can end Barrow’s desperate efforts to impose himself, on us. Enough of the Barrow misrules, lack of ideas and sense of direction. Let us declare another ‘’Gambia Has Decided’’ under a Coalition-2021, with Operation Barrow Must Go as our motto. A word to the wise is enough.

Alh Yahya Ceesay

Alh Yahya Ceesay. London

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