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Chieftainship on edge as Royals divided

Tension is brewing and tempers rising within the Bobirwa Chieftainship.

The divide has reportedly put Mathathane Chief, Kgosi Olga Serumola, at loggerheads with his deputy, Kgosi Samuel Makola as well as the tribe’s House of Chiefs Representative, Kgosi Ezekiel Joel.

According to a source from within the village, the trouble started last month after Serumola found out Joel had asked Makola to represent him at Bobonong Sub Land Board.

“Joel is focusing on House of Chiefs matters and so delegated Makola to fill his shoes at the Land Board. Well, this did not go down well with Serumola, who was furious that he was not consulted about the move,” claimed the source.

The insider, a Chief from the tribe who did not want his name coming out, added the problem was that Serumola was hoping to give the position to a relative.

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“We know he has his preferred choice but Joel is the most senior and has the final say,” continued the royal source, who further accused Serumola of working behind the scenes to discredit Kgosi Joel.

Adding further confusion and intrigue to the matter, a typed letter addressed to BaMmagwato Tribal Admin and dated 8 August has since surfaced.

UPSET: Serumola

Although unsigned, the letter bears Serumola’s name and complains about Joel taking decisions without consulting him.

It is said the letter never reached its intended destination because there was no support for it.

Furthermore, although he acknowledged being aware of the letter, Serumola did not admit to writing it.

He did, however, confirm he did not see eye-to-eye with Joel.

“Although I don’t know the details of the letter, I can confirm that the relation between me and Joel is sour because he talks behind my back with my juniors. We are working on a delegation to approach the BaMmangwato Tribal who are our leaders,” the fed-up Kgosi told The Voice in a brief interview.

For his part, Joel is in no doubt that Serumola penned the letter.

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“I am the most senior and I always consult everyone here including him but I was surprised by his letter. I am really shocked to see our internal matters now all over the media!”

And finally, the third piece of the puzzle, Makola maintained his appointment was the cause of the trouble.

“There is no one who got sidelined. We have stopped corruption and employing of friends and family members or settling debts with a government posts, this has to stop,” he stated sternly.

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