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Students Summer Greening Campaign in Central Region completes – Eritrea Ministry Of Information


Asmara, 20 August 2021 – High School Students Summer Greening Campaign that has been underway in the Central Region since 7 July was successfully completed on 15 August.

According to Mr. Abraham Berhe, head of the summer greening program at the Ministry of Education branch in the Central Region, about 7 thousand 10 students, and 287 teachers participated in the 5-weeks long re-afforestation and terracing in 37 sub-stations.

Stating that the students have constructed 264km long terraces, renovated over 165km long terraces, cultivated over 74 thousand trees, and constructed 282 cubic meter diversion canals, Mr. Abraham commended the public for encouraging the students.

In related news, government workers from various institutions conducted forestation activities at the Biet-Gergis area.

The youth workers have been conducting tree planting and terracing work once a week since August last year and have so far constructed 2 thousand meters long terraces and dug 3 thousand holes for tree planting.

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