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THE nation’s outstanding athletes will finally get their outstanding dues from the government for excelling at various international sporting events.

Thirteen athletes will receive monetary rewards dating back to 2019 and amounting to a collective N$830 000, the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service announced on Friday.

The sums are based on the Namibia National Sport Reward Policy approved in 2018. The total payout is just over N$1,2 million once the coaches fees are factored into the equation.

“Rewarding of athletes that have excelled at international sporting events is a motivation and encouragement to other athletes, to also excel,” said minister of sport Agnes Tjongarero.

“Therefore, be informed that all outstanding and current reward monies due to athletes will be settled, as the Ministry has obtained the relevant funds.”

Cyclist Tristan de Lange will receive N$160 000, the largest chunk of the payout, for bringing back home two gold medals from the 2019 African Games held in Morocco.

His coach Hans du Toit is the highest earning mentor. He is receiving N$70 000 for De Lange’s double, plus N$50 000 for Alex Millers’ pair of silvers and N$30 000 on account of Vera Adrian’s two bronze at the same competition.

In joint second is track and field star Christine Mboma for her shimmering silver from the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics.

Mboma’s podium finish is worth N$150 000, with her coach Henk Botha due N$60 000.

Paralympic speed merchant Johannes Nambala is also pocketing N$150 000 for winning gold and a bronze at the 2019 IPC World Athletics Championships.

Also on the list is double Special Olympics gold medallist Ruben //Gowaseb, whose recent public outcry at not being rewarded for his effort in 2019 set the payment wheel in motion.

The half marathon champion, who is self-coached, will receive N$40 000.

Likewise, evergreen distance running queen Helalia Johannes is getting N$50 000 for placing third at the 2019 World Athletics Championship in Doha, Qatar. Her coach, Robert Kaxuxwena, has earned N$20 000 for leading Johannes to the podium.

“Yes, I can confirm that we have received the funds from the line ministry and are processing the payments as we speak,” said Namibia Sport Commission chief administrator Simataa Freddy Mwiya.

The coaches’ pot is worth N$395 000. These funds are being transferred directly into the recipients banking accounts and will not be channelled through their federations, the ministry said.

The full recipients are:

2019 African Games are – Tristan de Lange, 2x gold medals, cycling, (N$160 000); Alexander Miller, silver medal, cycling, (N$60 000); Quinn Redding, silver medal, archery, (N$60 000); Adriaan Grober, silver medal, archery, (N$60 000); Vera Adrian, 2x bronze medals, cycling, (N$80 000); Junias Jonas, bronze medal, boxing, (N$40 000);

2019 World Paralympic Championship – Johannes Nambala, 1 gold, 1 bronze, athletics, (N$150 000);

2019 Special Olympic Abu Dhabi – Ruben Gowaseb, gold medal, athletics, (N$40 000);

2019 World Athletics Championship – Helalia Johannes, 1 bronze, athletics, N$50 000;

2020 African Wrestling Championship – Romio Goliath, silver medal, wrestling, (N$20 000); Alvaro Eixab, bronze medal, wrestling, (N$10 000);

2020 Tokyo Olympic Games – Christine Mboma, silver medal, athletics, (N$150 000).

2019 African Games Coaches – Hans du Toit, 2x gold, 2x silver, 2x bronz, cycling (N$150 000); Frank Rainer, 2x silver, archery (N$50 000); Albertus Tsamaseb, 1x bronze, boxing (N$15 000);

2019 World Paralympic Championship – Letu Hamhola, 1x gold, 1x bronze, athletics (N$70 000);

2019 World Athletics Championship – Robert Kaxuxwena (N$20 000);

2020 African Wrestling Championship – Luis Forcelado, 1x silver, 1x bronze, wrestling (N$10 000);

2020 Tokyo Olympic Games – Henk Botha, 1x silver, athletics (N$60 000).

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