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Sonia Mbele Says She Never Slept With Menzi Ngubane


Sonia Mbele Says She Never Slept With Menzi Ngubane

Sonia Mbele Says She Never Slept With Menzi Ngubane


Former Generations actress Sonia Mbele who was a guest star in this week’s episode of MacG’s Podcast and Chill denies having an affair with Menzi Ngubane.

Mbele who divorced businessman Leslie Sedibe in 2014 revealed that her jealous ex-husband was behind her exit from ‘Generations’.

Sedibe didn’t appreciate the on-screen romance between his wife and the late Generations actor Menzi Ngube who played Mbele’s on-screen husband (Sibusiso Dhlomo).

This was the first time (December 2020) the actress divulged the personal details in nine years after her exit on Phat Joe’s Cheeky Palate show.

“It was very difficult, he (Leslie) didn’t … appreciate the on-screen romance with Menzi (Ngubane, who played Sizwe Dhlomo) and in the end I had to make the decision for my marriage).”

Her Interview with MacG

She opened up about being single, her childhood, and her relationship with late Generations actor Menzi Ngubane on MacG’s show.

Mbele said she’s struggling to find a decent boyfriend in 2021 because she’s still old-school.

She wants a man who will open a door for her and pull up her chair when they sit in a restaurant.

The actress refuted claims that she ever dated her former on-screen husband Menzi Ngubane who passed away earlier this year from a stroke.

The producer said that they were highly professional to a point where she would not call him at home ever.

“Not even once. It was like bye. The minute they call it to wrap, you go that way. You lose that person’s number. Even if there’s something you need, you’d rather go via production,”

The successful producer also shared her poverty childhood with the podcaster.

“My childhood was poor. I grew up very poor. My mom at some point was unemployed for many years,”

She said she got her first job at Truworths after a community member helped her create her CV and also stated that she doesn’t know how she stayed relevant in the industry for so long.

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