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NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 21 – Deputy President William Ruto Saturday called for a bipartisan approach to address challenges facing Kenyans proposing decisive management of the COVID crisis.

Ruto, who issued a presser a day after the Court of Appeal sustained the invalidation of the BBI constitution review process on May 14 by the Constitutional Court, said collective efforts should be applied towards the management of COVID-19 and restoration of the economy which has been battered by the pandemic.

“I strongly urge that our starting point in this endeavour be to apply our best collective efforts, mobilize and commit adequate resources towards the decisive management of the Covid-19 crisis in order to free up the country, return our people to work and restore our economy to its full flight,” Ruto said.

The DP called for the prioritization of the needs of Kenyans further saying efforts should be directed towards making up the time and resources lost during the push to review the constitution.

“We must agree that rolling out a vaccination programme to cover the entire population is imperative if our nation is to have any hope of recovering lost time and catching up with a world that is quickly recapturing its rhythm,” he asserted.

He further lauded the judges for bravely defending the Constitution noting that it is a moment of reflection and appreciation of the independence of the Judiciary.

“The court decision reaffirms that Kenya is a country governed by the rule of law, not the rule of men, where the Constitution and sovereignty of the people are supreme, and not the political elite. However, no one has won or lost: It is a win-win for the people and the Constitution, I laud the courage of the judges who have bravely defended the Constitution,” Ruto said.

Six of the seven judges who composed the appellate bench upheld the Constitutional Court finding on the application of the basic structure doctrine. Further, the judges agreed promoters of the constitution abused the popular initiative constitutional review route.

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“The amendments proposed by the BBI initiative were so far-reaching in character, scope and content as to shake the foundation and alter the identity and character of the Constitution,” Patrick Kiage stated.

The court also upheld the decision on the quorum threshold at the electoral agency saying the number of commissioners must not fall below 4.


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