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‘I fell in-love with hair’


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Khumiso Rebabedi is an exceptionally talented hair stylist who can plait anything under the sun but her specialty is faux locs. Her journey with hair commenced nearly three years ago and is a skill she has now mastered.

Her passion for hair stems from childhood but the skill was nurtured during her university days. As a self-taught artist, Rebabedi narrates how she spent hours on end watching YouTube tutorials, learning hair styling concepts. “After observing I would play around with my hair trying out different styles, which my family was against at first because of the time and money I spent often changing my hairstyle every weekend,” she mentions.

 However, fate would quickly change for her in 2018 following a huge attraction of clients who were impressed with the faux locks she had done on herself. “Faux locs are a great way to get the look of natural dreadlocks without having to make the long-term commitment that they require. I offer the Afro kinky locs, which is the natural looking faux locs and also butterfly locs for those who prefer a bit of a more distressed look,” she explained.

According to Rebabedi, the support she has and continues to receive from Batswana is overwhelming and she is thankful always. An entrepreneur at heart, the hair dresser has big plans for her business as it has transitioned from a past time fun activity to a venture she wishes to grow to greater heights. “In the next coming months, I have something amazing to launch which I cannot reveal now for fear of counting my chickens before they hatch but the business will be growing and rebranding to hopefully something I can be proud of,” she added.

The 23-year-old young lady from Radisele holds a Bachelor of Media Studies from the University of Botswana, where she established her love for hair styling, and is currently pursuing a Certificate in Digital Media and Marketing Strategies. “Education is something that has always been instilled in me from a young age as my parents are both intellectuals,” she said. Rebabedi is definitely a woman of many talents and always up for a challenge as she hopes to bag her Master’s Degree in Communication after completing her certificate studies.


Our black hair is quite diverse with a range of textures and thickness, so it’s important for a person to understand and know the type of hair they have. As black people we have what we call Type 4 hair. This kind of hair is kinky, extremely wiry, has tight coils and is very fragile. Caring for black hair takes a little bit of extra effort

Below are the basic tips one could use to take care of their hair;

-Wash your hair once every 1-2 weeks: washing your hair often can strip it of its moisture, so it’s advisable to wash it once every 14 days, if possible, to help prevent dryness and product build-up. The Choice of shampoo is also important, avoid Shampoos that contain harsh ingredients such as Sulfates which removes natural oils and dry out the hair.

 -Deep conditioning: Use moisturizing conditioner and essential oils. This adds moisture to the hair. After shampooing, apply a deep conditioner or natural oils such as lavender oil, which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can improve scalp health, also jojoba and Shea butter are good oils for hair.

-Avoid Heat: Heat can be very damaging to the natural so it’s always best to avoid heat usage as it dries and can break the hair overtime. So, it’s always advisable to use none to low heat. Another way to stretch our hair without heat is using the old way of African threading.

– Use satin/silk headwraps: When sleeping some fabrics can absorb moisture from the hair therefore use a silky, smooth or satin headwrap and pillowcases to reduce friction on the hair.

-Trim: During winter, the ends are prone to breakage so cutting off the split ends is a great way to maintain healthy hair, because at the end of the day, what matters most is not the length but how healthy the hair is.


Another way to take care of your hair is through protective styling. Protective styles stimulate growth and repair breakage overtime by encouraging healthy hair growth,”Rebabedi.


Fauxlocs are a great protective styling especially during this season because it covers one’s natural hair completely therefore locking in moisture and protecting it from the harsh weather. They are super lightweight too and can have color added for a more fun look.

2.Knotless Box Braids

Box braids are a very popular hairstyle. Instead of the regular box braids, the new girl in town is. Knotless braids which are the better version in terms of protective hairstyle as they look more natural and there is less tension on the hair and edges. The Knotless braiding hair method combats breakage and last longer.


Cornrows will always be the classic protective style and they come in different styles and sizes. Create a more fun and stylish look with different patterns and colors.

4. Wigs

Wigs provide one with the freedom to remove them whenever you feel like it therefore happen to be a great way to care for your hair underneath and also allows one to try out different looks. Prepping your natural hair before installing a wig is important and make sure the hair is clean and freshly deep conditioned.

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