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RE: Mandela Darboe’s Change Of Name


RE: Mandela Darboe’s Change Of Name 

Editor Mbai,

It is indeed interesting, and rather intriguing, to see Lawyer Mandela Darboe’s new name on an official document such as a Voter’s Card. It could be a mistake by the IEC official – but then they are expected to check everything thoroughly before they register someone!


I know something about the change of name process because I changed mine to Jallow-Halake exactly 20 years ago when I married Miss Jallow.

I did this by Deed Poll and the Registry here at the London High Court and the change of name was Gazetted.

The question then as you say Pa, is “has Lawyer Darboe changed his name by Deed Poll” and has the change been Gazetted to declare it his current official name? Here in UK you can call yourself whatever you want, but you have to do it by Deed Poll and have it Gazetted before you can use the new name on official documents.

All one’s records are transferred to the new name! 

I have lived in UK for 45 years and all my documents such as National Insurance Number, Driving License and British Passport were changed to Dida Jallow-Halake. So were my Teachers’ Pension Records and National Health Service Records … as were my Bank Records. All my 18-year old daughter’s records, including her UK passport, are in the Jallow-Halake name format.

Even my Enhanced Criminal Records Certificate for teachers (which is still renewed every year, was changed to Dida Jallow-Halake).

The law requires that you use the new name only! 

This is to avoid the point you make Pa, about hiding from previous criminal records, etc. Official records in your new name incorporate your old-name records too, so you can’t hide by changing your name! Any “misdeeds” that were attributed to “Ousaniou” Darboe would still belong to him under his new name of “Ababukarr” Darboe.

Potential challenge to Darboe’s Candidacy 

Your make this points Pa:

Political analysts are of the view that Darboe’s change of name might have to do with his looming possible disqualification from the Presidential race – given his past criminal conviction record during Jammeh’s regime. He was also fired from his VP post. Darboe has also been cited for tax evasion during Jammeh’s regime”.

I think it is almost certain that Barrow’s NPP will challenge Lawyer Darboe’s candidacy. But I don’t think his firing from VP’s post will disqualify him. Being a VP is not being in a “public office” and you don’t have to have done anything wrong to be removed as VP.

The Jammeh-era Solo Sandeng Demo conviction was, if I am not mistaken, upheld by the Supreme Court (or was it the law that convicted Darboe and Co. that was upheld?) … and I think it has been argued that the Presidential Pardon was limited to freeing Darboe and Co, from prison (and that the pardon did not erase the conviction). I think this would be NPP’s argument anyway. It would be a pity if Lawyer Mandela Darboe’s Solo Sandeng heroism was used to bar him from constesting – but that is politics (it is a dirty business).

Did the “Tax Evasion” matter end up in the Supreme Court? If I am not mistaken Lawyer Darboe’s challenge to that was also rejected. But would that Mama Singhateh/Momodou Sabally (LOL) Commissionfinding be considered a court judgment? Unfortunately for Lawyer Darboe (and Momodou ‘Commando’ Sabally) the Supreme Court just ruled that Commission rulings are court rulings and can be enforced. The question then would be: has Lawyer Darboe settled that Tax Commission demand? If not, that would be considered outstanding tax and grounds for disqualification.

In Conclusion, 

I don’t think a change of name, formal or otherwise, will make any difference to anything.

Dida Jallow-Halake.

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