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Opposition whip Nambeshe survives attempted lynching after accident


Mob blocks Nambeshe’s vehicle

Opposition chief whip John Baptist Nambeshe has survived being lynched by an angry mob after knocking a person.

Nambeshe who was from Kampala heading to Mbale on Saturday knocked an unidentified person at Namwezi along the Kampala-Jinja highway in Njeru Municipality, Buikwe district. 

Juma Kanamwangi, an eyewitness says that when Nambeshe refused to stop, boda boda cyclists aggressively chased him, finally cutting him off in a traffic jam following another accident that had happened at Kisoga zone in Mbiiko.

The mob hit Nambeshe’s vehicle and threatened to set it ablaze if he does not move out. Jimmy Lwanga the Njeru Municipality MP says that Nambeshe who was driving a government vehicle was only saved after he was positively identified by National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters as one of their own. He was later driven Njeru police station where he recorded a statement.

Hellen Butoto, the Ssezibwa regional police spokesperson says that the injured victim was rushed to Jinja hospital. 


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