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Northern Coalition seeks special court to try perpetrators


The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has demanded a special court for the trial of those behind the recent killing of over 20 travellers in Jos North, Plateau State.

CNG also warned that any further ambush and attacks of travellers by armed groups would no longer be tolerated.

In its demand, CNG urged authorities to investigate arrest and prosecute those behind the blockade and killing of those travellers on the highway.

Addressing journalists in Abuja, the Spokesman of CNG, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman said the group believes that the latest incident of highway ambush and killings is not an isolated case but part of a coordinated mega plot to give the crisis a religious colouration to cause greater conflict in the North.

“We demand the setting up of special courts for the trial of those involved in such unjustifiable blockade and mass murder of innocent civilians,” CNG said.

The Group said it observed that “the main actors in the perpetuated highway ambushes and killings have been left on the scene over the last decade to exploit the huge vacuum in the government’s political will and capacity to arrest the escalation of avoidable conflicts.

“That these bands of killers and their sponsors are emboldened by the apparent indecisive action by government which allowed the situation to linger for more than 15 years today.”

On its stand, CNG said, “we categorically warn the perpetrators of such highway murders and their sponsors that people’s patience has reached the point where any further ambush and attack would not be tolerated henceforth.

“We demand a thorough investigation, arrest and diligent prosecution of the criminals that block and kill innocent travellers on such public highways as the Rukuba junction in Gada biyu, Abuja and Barikin Ladi roads in Plateau State and other locations in Kaduna and Benue States.

“We demand the promulgation of special penal laws for the punishment of such offences that involve the ambush and killings of innocent public highway users.

“We demand action from the federal government to ensure a permanent end to the incessant highway attacks including the arrest of traditional rulers and all elected representatives from the communities that harbour the terrorists, and where resistance is shown, the communities be demolished and replaced by military posts.


Plateau killing: Northern Coalition seeks special court to try perpetrators

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