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No going back in fighting for regionalism, restructuring in Yorubaland ― Gani Adams


Are Onakakanfo of Yorubaland and the leader of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Gani Adams on Thursday affirmed that there is no going back in fighting for regionalism in the Yoruba region.

The Yoruba warlord who made this known while speaking at a conference organised for all members of the group in Osogbo, Osun State, also advocated for self-governance in the Southern part of the country.

Are Onakakanfo who charged all the Lilly liver people among the Yorubas to stand up and free themselves from oppression, insisted that, the war to be fought is not a physical one but an intellectual one.

He, however, charged the people of the race to stop acting in cowardice but be brave and optimistic to see that the dream of the race becomes a reality.

Chief Adams who reechoed it repeatedly that, very soon, the nation would be amazed to see Yoruba monarchs and leaders in the kingdom rising up in hundreds to fight for the course of their kinsmen, admonished those living in cowardice among them to wake up from their slumbers and stand up for their right.

According to him, “Cowardice and self-centredness have been crippling the efforts of many Yorubas to champion the Yoruba course but I want to tell them now to wake up from your slumber and join others in the struggle for the actualisation of regionalism and self-determination in governance for the kingdom.”

“Stand up to free yourself from oppression. Nigeria was designed for the Fulanis and not for the Yoruba people. For instance, if a Fulani man kills another person from another tribe, he would be allowed to go Scot free but if another person from another tribe kills a Fulani person, you will be arrested and prosecuted. What an injustice?”

“This government is not a good parent that treats all tribes equally but a segregational and sectional one which beliefs in favouritism, nepotism and tribalism.

“This government is not a good parent that listens to the crying voices of all its citizens but only to the cries of the Fulanis. But, let me tell the government that, whether it likes it or not, the wills of the people will come to pass.”

“No Jupiter on earth can kill the wills of the people. You can be imprisoning, harassing, intimidating and even maltreating them now, which has not deprived them of achieving their aims.”

He finally submitted that “On Self determination, we stand. Let the governors fight for regionalism, we will fight for self-government. We want to develop our race, give our people qualitative education.”

The warrior who kicked against statism in the region affirmed that on regionalism and self-government we stand.


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