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Ndola ~ Wed, 18 Aug 2021

Ndola District Commissioner Mr Anthony Katongo has advised civil servants to immediately begin to study the UPND manifesto so that they familiarize themselves with the development agenda of the new ruling party.

Speaking at a media briefing in Ndola today, Mr Katongo said President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema has given hope to the Zambian people following his election.

“To start with, the President Elect is inspiring, he has given hope to the people of Ndola. As government workers, we are expected to support and implement the policies of the government,” Mr Katongo said.

“Now that we have voted, I want to urge the civil servants to start studying the manifesto of the UPND. The President-Elect has emphasized on the rule of law which we should also work with.”

He thanked the MPs that have won seats in Ndola for the manner they conducted themselves during the election period.

And Mr Katongo has thanked the President Elect for giving a directive that markets should be free of cadres.

He said the current situation in markets is very bad and needed a new direction.

“There will be a lot of development in Ndola, because hope has been restored in institutions now,” Mr Katongo said.

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