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The final round of the Namibian Electronic Sports Association’s (NESA) CS:GO tournament took place on 31 July, and from the ashes rose our new Namibian CS:GO Team!
These five athletes will be representing Namibia in the upcoming Global Regional Games of the International Esports Federation’s (IESF’s) 13th Esports World Championships and, if they are victorious, at the World Championship’s Global Finals in Eilat, Israel, in November 2021. International matches are also being arranged to keep athletes in top form, sharpening their skills for the challenge ahead.
The thrilling finals were streamed on NESA’s Facebook page, where the top 12 battled it out for the five spots on the Namibian CS:GO Team, with contenders being rotated to test compatibility and giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills.
The selection committee had their work cut out for them this year, as these individuals displayed a level of dedication and focus unlike any before. As the tournament drew to a close, the best of the best were selected. They are Andries “Fluye” Wahl (captain), Ezee “TheEzZ” Viljoen, Ilario “NoWher3” Izaks, Pieter “P9T” Kok andTalon “Shackles” Izaks.
With Andries “Fluye” Wahl also being nominated as MVP, Qualifiers to Finals, André Nel who is a member of the selection committee, said that “he performed extremely well against other top players in the country. He was unfortunate to have been placed in difficult situations throughout the tournament, but still managed to get out of them. His game sense, overall skill, placement and aim was phenomenal.”
This event was made possible by the support from NESA’s sponsors, Logitech G, Nanodog and Future CC, as well as the dedication and hard work from all the volunteers involved.
NESA is looking forward to this team competing in international matches and request any assistance possible towards securing more opportunities for Namibian esports athletes. For more information on sponsorships and donations, contact us on [email protected]
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