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2021 Season launched


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After the annual national beauty pageant didn’t see the light of the day due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Miss Botswana is returning in 2021 with its organizers filled with optimism.

The 2021 season has been launched and it comprises massive rebranding journey that fits to the global circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic hence taking virtual approach in 2021.

Miss Botswana Organizer, Benjamin Raletsatsi speaking at the official launch of the pageant recently revealed Miss Botswana has not been exempt to impacts brought by the Covid-19.

That being the case, Raletsatsi said their non-profit has suffered due to the inability of many of their supporting partners to fund their efforts due to financial constraints as emanating from Covid-19.

“Our economy’s poor performance since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has delayed us, but has not denied us the opportunity to rise again, and even thrive under the conditions. Emphasis must be placed on the competition’s safety and preventative measures against Botswana’s Covid-19 crisis,” he added.

He also says they worked tirelessly to design an incubation strategy that will greatly reduce the risk of Covid infections within members of our team, as well as the 30 contestants they will have in their care.

According to Raletsatsi, the safety and the well-being of Miss Botswana contestants and their families is paramount to them over the 13-week journey leading up to the Miss Botswana grand finale.

“We have embraced the changes and the challenges as they have come, and have taken up the opportunities they have presented for re-structuring and innovation, with digital and creative innovation at the forefront. We have taken up our country’s transformational agenda to digitize this project as far as possible,” said Raletsatsi stressing that 54th pageant auditions will be digital.

Raletsatsi buttressed Miss Botswana competition exists to affect a positive change and equip its contestants with the relevant tools and skills to see them; become leaders in business as well as

promoting the social and economic upliftment of women and youth to mention but just a few benefits.

For her part, Miss Botswana 2019 winner Oweditse Phirinyane said instead of the traditional country wide tour to find our next Miss Botswana, this year’s auditions will strictly be online.

According to Phirinyane, the winning candidate will this December represent us at the 79th Miss World pageant, which is the home of the renowned Beauty with a Purpose Program.

“Through this platform, the winner of Miss Botswana will launch and coordinate a humanitarian project and social initiative close to her heart by demonstrating that people are not as beautiful as they look, but as they love, care and share. The project will be showcased on the Miss World stage,” she said.

Some of entry requirements

A Miss Botswana 2021 applicant is required to be at least 18 years old and be under 25 years of age.

This means that an applicant can turn 26 within the year of her reign (starting November 2021).

In addition, Miss Botswana title holders are required to remain unmarried throughout their reign.

It is accepted that while an applicant may be in a committed relationship or engaged, they must adhere to rule of not getting married during Miss Botswana pre-competition process and during year of reign.

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