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Maxwell Chongu Has Resigned From The Opposition Patriotic Front Party


Maxwell Chongu

Good Afternoon everyone,

I wish to announce that i have with *IMMEDIATE EFFECT resigned from the PATRIOTIC FRONT PARTY and wish to go on SABBATICAL LEAVE from POLITICS in order to focus more on helping the people of KAFUE DISTRICT through charity works.

Two days ago i made it clear that my future with the Patriotic Front Party depends on the outcome from the MCC MEETING in that should Mr. Davies Mwila continue being the Secretary General of PF then i will resign from the Party PF.

Yesterday’s MCC MEETING demonstrated that the Party PF leadership in its own wisdom thought that Mr. Davies Mwila has to continued as SG and being a man of my word, i therefore resign from PF with immediate EFFECT.

Let me put it on record that i have NOT DEFECTED to any other POLITICAL PARTY hence i don’t want to be misquoted by any individual or any media house.

I wish to thank the Party PF and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for giving me this wonderful and huge political platform that has seen me grow politically.


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