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Marginalisation of Minority Community has become Predominant in Jonglei State, particularly Bor County – PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd


Many leaders in Jonglei State and Bor County Commissioners have been ignoring this marginalization of minority groups, but it is growing rapidly. The Thony of Mading Community has been requesting their rights to have a Payam, but no one consideredtheir rights in many years. I am standing here expressing the rights of the minority people to haveequal rights with other people in Jonglei State and Bor County. I am a citizen of South Sudan living in diaspora.

By Mading De Ngeth Angoh, Australia

The Thony of Mading Community has become one of the victim societies among Bor County and Jonglei State Communities. The Thony of Mading Community hasbeen marginalised for many decades, and they are the Indigenous people of Mading Town. Under the United Nation Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous People, the Indigenous people have the rights to manifest, practice, develop and teach their spiritual and religious traditions, customs and ceremonies and they have a rights to maintain, protect, and have access in privacy to their religious and cultural sites. They have rights to the use and control of their ceremonial objects and the rights to governed themselves.

However, the Thony of Mading Community have been divided into two Payam in the past, especially Anyidi and Makuach, and they claimed the rights of being the Indigenous of the land without proper reason, just because they want to fight Mading out of the Town that is why they have changed it to Bor Town. We have no problem with anyone who needs to lives with us, but we needs to be considered as the hosting Community in Jonglei State and Bor County. We also, need our rights in the state government and Bor County employments balances such has other people who are possessing their rights. So we need to come out from these two Payam and manage our own Payam. In the past, Anyidi was the only Payam, which produced Kolnyang and Makuach, why are you repudiating our treasurable rights in the eye of the Aristocrat?

Therefore, this is what is called excommunication; The Thony of Mading Community has been marginalised for many centuries. The Thony of Mading is the hosting community in Jonglei State and in Bor County, but some communities are benefiting on our rights and if you gratified anything about the rights of the Thony of Mading, people, then you get threatened, that you will not walk on this land. Who owned the rights of killing other citizens in South Sudan if I can ask?  I am not going to mentioned their names or Payam where they came from now, but if they are still persistent with that, then their names and Payam will be out immediately, and they will be known has murderers in South Sudan. 

I am sick and tired of your threatening language, if there is a power that can grinding the rock into a solid, why is it not being used in some thing else guys? Thus, STOP threatening people with unserviceable and anodyne supremacy, which does not sanctioned people to stays in their dynasties terrestrial. You have marginalised us in the past up to now and you do not feared God. When are you going to realise that you have damaging this Community for many years? They said that there is no Mading Payam while it existing. On the one hand, Mading got a MP who is representing Mading people in Bor County and in Jonglei State, and others are representing Mading Payam in level of South Sudanese legislative Assembly. Why are you deceiving our people? 

The most targeted Community is the Thony of Mading Community by two Payam, and it will not help the situation by denying our rights. The only thing that defined the marginalisation of Mading Community is discriminating them when they are claiming their rights, I have understood that marginalisation was done by these two Payam through maintaining undesiring relationshipswith them, it is persistent inequality and diversity resulting as a social stigma and stereotypes. The result of marginalisation in Mading people has many consequences.

Firstly, their idea was to affiliated the Thony of Mading people not to considered themselves has they came from one person called Ngeth Angoh Naai, Why? These two Payam labelled them like they do not have a rights in the land and they said that we were existing before Ngeth people, and if I asked some of them of their year of arrival, they failed to delivered it to me. So there is nothing defined their first arrival, and being theIndigenous of the land, but they failed to give me that answer.

Also, they are the one representing Mading Payam and it is very ridiculous if they said that there is no Mading Payam while there is a MP who is Philip Thon Nyok Deng from Palek, to explain this more, Nyok was the MP of Anyidi Payam and I am so confused what brought him to be the MP of Mading Payam and there is no Mading Payam? If there is Mading Payam, which exists, then Philip is from Anyidi Payam, they need to have another one from Makuach because they claimed that Mading is their land.

To all of you readers, please judge this and let me know which is the right thing here? Is there any fairness in Bor County or you can identify corruption and they are accusing our wonderful president of what they are doing. H.E. President of Republic of the South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayaardit has employed people who are eating and not those who know how to work, I quoted it from H.E speech some time back. Those MPs in Bor County might be following their mandatory, but some are not fair indeed.

Nevertheless, the Thony of Mading Payam must come out before this year because it was proposed in 2006 meeting in Werkok and I have the evidence. I know those who have signed the document. I am calling to the whole world that looks at what is happening to our people. They are minority and they do not have educated people in the past and that is why they assimilated us politically. I say no no to this marginalisation and political affiliation from this two Payam. If you are not listening, I will raise this in Human Rights World-wide, believe or it not. You should learn how share things accordingly, it is being greedy if you acquired everything to your own self. 

Moreover, I begging our brothers to stay away from blocking our rights, this thing will not benefit you. I have no problem if you are thinking to kill me, you will follow me tomorrow, and I am not afraid of those who have left their area to someone. You better stage that war to you enemies and not me because I am claiming my rights and it does not concerning each and everyone of you, I know them one by one here and back home. I am not going to STOP claiming our privileges until you give us our rights.

In conclusion, the Thony of Mading should be given their rights, especially what they are claiming, such as Mading Payam. The Payam exists, but others are enjoying it in the dark corner without lawful offered. However, Philip Thon Nyok must leave our Payam alone and resume his previous duties with Anyidi Payam. Our place is not UNHCR centre, whereby everyone meandering and gets the position of perseverance; we are capable of governing ourselves. I always write my articles in simple English so that some of you can understand, because others pretended themselves, but their tertiary education ended in Diplomas in time of Nimeri. 

If you want to contact me, please do not be hesitating to use my Facebook messenger and my email: [email protected].

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