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Man Files Urgent Application After Failing To Raise $25k Alimony Fees


By Mary Taruvinga

A truck driver employed by Helmond Logistics, Maxson Matare is trying to save himself from imminent incarceration for failing to pay maintenance for his child with one Susan Makumbe.

Matare has rushed to the High court where he is seeking a stay of execution of a magistrate’s ruling ordering him to pay $25 000 per month for the minor child who is 20 months old.

He said he has no means to raise the money required and this can only mean he goes to jail.

The truck driver also said he is awaiting to conduct DNA tests because he believes the child might not be his.

According to court papers on July 21 this year Matare was ordered to pay $25 000 maintenance for the couple’s minor child who is 20 months old.

This was despite the allegation that Makumbe was claiming maintenance for the same child from another man with the case filed at Beitbridge magistrate court under case M32/20.

Matare says he has not been able to raise the money wanted by his baby mama, offering to pay $3000 or R500 instead.

Reads his court application: “The respondent told the court that I earn $70 000. The court believed her without proof. I say so because the court believed her because of the exorbitant figure which then the honourable magistrate ordered me to pay the $25 000.”

He added: “Very few people are earning more than that in Zimbabwe…it is unjustified to expect me to fork out $25 000 every month for a child who is 20 months old.”

He said the government has made it clear that all children under the age of five are treated for free as such there was no justification for heavy maintenance amount towards medication.

Matare said he is married, with two more minor children depending on him.

He said he is currently staying in a rented house.

He also told the court that Makumbe’s child should live within his means because $25 000 is just an extravagant amount.

“The respondent will just have to relax, sleep and enjoy as I toil, knowing very well that she is guaranteed a hefty income.

He said he is just a mere driver.

In her claim, Makumbe said Matare ditched her after she announced that she had given birth to a baby who is crippled.

The child according to court papers has a heart problem and has to go for surgery.

In response Matare said he is a contractor and he buys diapers and milk for the baby.

He said he got to know that Makumbe was getting maintenance for the same child in Beitbridge when he went to Beitbridge Police station.

“I had a breakdown and we went to Beit-Bridge Police Station and I was told that there was another man who was paying maintenance for the same child at Beitbridge court where he was sued. I was shocked as she sued another man for maintenance and I was busy with work …,” he said.

According to court papers seen by NewZimbabwe, the magistrate ruled that Matare should pay $25 000 because he had no conclusive proof that another man was maintaining the child.

He was given three months to have DNA tests conducted before his final fate.

The matter is yet to be heard.

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