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Man, 45, kills wife and hands himself over to the Police in Prang


A 45-year-old man has killed his 30-year-old wife and handed himself over to the Prang Police, Saturday afternoon.

Police found the body of the woman in a pool of blood after rushing to the scene in Lele, a suburb of Prang in the Pru West District of the Bono East Region.

The suspect, Yaw Muntom who is believed to be a farmer is said to have reported himself to the Prang Police at about 1500 hours on August 21.

He is alleged to have had a quarrel with his wife, Abena Jayon and in the course of the argument, went for his single barrel gun and shot the woman dead.

Upon receipt of the report, the suspect was arrested, handcuffed and together with the police proceeded to the scene of crime.

Muntom led the police to his house to identify his deceased wife who was lying in a prone position in a pool of blood. The murder weapon, allegedly used to kill her was also lying by the body.

A careful examination of the body revealed a gun shot wound on her left shoulder; close to her neck.

The weapon was also inspected and an empty BB cartridge was found in the gun’s chamber.

The body and scene has since been photographed and the body conveyed to the Mathias Catholic Hospital morgue in Yeji for preservation and autopsy.

Meanwhile, investigations have commenced into the matter.

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