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LOL Pa! “Impeach” Barrow? No Way! 


LOL Pa! “Impeach” Barrow? No Way! 

Firstly Pa, Barrow has the majority of National Assembly members on his side now (UDP 1 hopes to get these Barrow-supporting members kicked out come 2022). At the moment, many have decamped to UDP 2 (NPP). 

Secondly Pa, Barrow is saying that he has saved The Gambian Treasury millions of dalasis. He says that his then Foreign Minister, Leader of UDP 1 Lawyer Darboe,  and his then Finance Minister and stalwart of UDP 1, Amadou Sanneh, were witnesses to President Barrow’s sterling efforts to save The Gambia millions of dalasis. These trips were some three years ago and Lawyer Darboe and Amadou Sanneh, then senior Government figures, have never mentioned these dealings, let alone complain of any impropriety. Not even when the “Kudo Lay Activist”, who had been denied any more chopping from Mrs. Barrow, made so much noise about these funds. Tcha, Pa, people like my good friend Nyang Njie keep quiet while they are chopping – and only make lots of noise when the chopping has stopped! 

Thirdly Pa, politicians giving contracts to people who support them is nothing new! This week you have been running stories of Mayor Bensouda’s friends getting KMC contracts. Here in UK, the scandal is about Former Prime Minister David Cameron pocketing £10 million pounds (repeat TEN MILLION POUNDS) for helping his friends get government contracts. Our recently resigned Health Minister did the same with Covid Funds (Pa, you think you have a “Covid-funds scandal” in The Gambia? As Dr. Ceesay of CA would say your corruption in The Gambia is “Championship stuff”: here in UK we are Premier League!).  

In Conclusion: 

Pa, Barrow is saying (in his Witness Statement – LOL) that he saved The Gambia millions, and Lawyer Darboe and Amadou Sanneh are his witnesses. Unless we have contradictory Witness Statements from Lawyer Darboe and Amadou Sanneh, we must accept Barrow’s sworn evidence on the matter we must … 

Thank Barrow for saving The Gambia millions of dalasis (rather than try to impeach him!). 

PS: I hope my Gambian In-Laws have my sense of humour (it is good for lowering blood-pressure and helps with diabetes). 

Dida Jallow-Halake. Notting Hill UK. 

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