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LAMIN NJIE – OPINION: NPP Is Poor For Ramou’s Departure But It’s Not Big Enough To Deny An NPP Victory – The Fatu Network


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It’s a good day out in the political field for UDP. Getting Ramou from NPP is big, as big as Suku Singhateh leaving the party and heading the other way.

UDP have taken their revenge on NPP. And with style. Having hundreds of UDP supporters gather at Ramou’s house to escort her to Manjai just goes to show how much this means for UDP. NPP took Suku from them and they responded in kind by taking Ramou. A tit-for-tat.

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The last time I spoke to Ramou, there was nothing that suggested she was having issues in the party. She only spoke about how much President Barrow respected her. The president always called her ‘sister’ – and she was even planning a big rally for the president in Sabach Sanjal. But when I listened to her swear on her deceased parents, I realised how complicated this really was.

Momodou Sabally is happy. He has been bringing a lot of people to UDP but getting his own sister onboard is perhaps his greatest contribution to this party. That’s my man, there.

Ramou joining UDP has filled UDP folks with renewed confidence. Darboe speaking at his meeting with Ramou said UDP was winning by 55% but with Ramou coming, he has just taken that up to 66%.

But while NPP is poor for Ramou’s departure, it is not big enough to deny an NPP victory. My view of this election remains the same. Even if I will be accused of being bought by NPP.

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