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Lusaka ~ Fri, 13 Aug 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

The killing of the PF Member of the Central Committee in cold blood has prompted reactions from members of the PF and other sections of society.

Mr Kungo was brutally murdered on mere accusations that he had pre-marked ballot papers.

Speaking at a briefing today, former Minister of Justice Given Mr Lubinda said there is no truth in allegations of pre-marked ballots on late Kungo and that his blood is crying out for Justice.

Mr Lubinda said the killing of Mr Kungo was to intimidate and cause fear in the electorates.

He challenged perpetrators to produce evidence adding that the blood of Kungo is crying out .

“He was innocently murdered for exercising his right as a Zambian Citizen. The accusations were purely and squarely false,” Mr Lubinda  said.

He also condemned the attack on Miles Sampa and his entourage.

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