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Judges to read individual judgments in BBI appeal: Musinga » Capital News


NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 20 – Seven judges in the Building Bridges Initiative appeal bench will each read their individual judgment before the court sums up the majority verdict. 

President of the Court of Appeal Daniel Musinga, in the opening remarks on Friday, said each judge wrote their judgment, departing from the practice of two collective judgments; a majority and minority decision.

Justice Musinga commenced delivering his verdict before handing over to his colleague Francis Tuiyott and thereafter Justices Fatuma Sichale, Patrick Kiage, Roselyn Nambuye, Hannah Okwengu and Gatembu Kairu.

The bench is set to rule on about 17 contentious issues including whether the task force established to initiate the process was established in line with the law.

They will also determine the applicability of the basic structure doctrine in Kenya, the president’s limits on the constitutional review process, and whether promoters of constitutional amendments can create and allocate new constituencies. 

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