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JCI President calls for youths involvement in politics


A call has gone to Nigerian youths to be more involved in politics for the betterment of the country.

President, Junior Chamber International (JCI), in Nigeria, Abiola Olorunsola, made the call while addressing journalists on the sidelines of a programme organised in commemoration of the World International Youth Day 2021.

He informed that the organisation had done many sensitisation programmes to encourage youths in the country.

Olorunsola said; “I am very delighted that you great minds find it worthwhile to spend your time with us on this occasion of the International Youth Day and JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Nigeria.

“It warms my heart that this generation would be better because you have chosen to take a path that would be remembered many years later as a path that is truly worth it.

“Although we cannot always build a future for our youth, we can always build our youth for the Future.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“Food is one of the basic needs of humans as it cut across various aspects of our lives. It is the engine through which we live and the fuel that brings out the life that is within us without which hunger would rule.

“Times have been tough and the year before now has thrown many off-balance as well as circumstances that have been beyond our control such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing rate of the population which is leading to poverty as well as environmental pollution which is affecting the air we breathe in, this is a serious need that must be met and not just met but with sustainability.

“At this juncture, we want to encourage our youths to get involved in politics for the betterment of the country. We cannot do it on our own, and that is why we need you, the youths, our backbones, the one that holds the key to the future that we hope to see because without you there would be no future. One of the Sustainable development Goals is Zero Hunger because they have realized that food is very important in our everyday lives.

“The Nigerian youths have shown that, given the necessary framework and support, we can do even better. Our can-do spirit and creativity, in spite of the evident and numerous challenges facing us, have allowed us to thrive and gain global recognition in sports, entertainment, fashion, modelling, technology and entrepreneurship.

“In 2020 for example, Paystack got a huge investment of 200 million dollars to upscale their work. Today, we have all ten recipients of the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Nigeria (TOYP) award here seated, in recognition of their various contributions to providing sustainable solutions that make human lives better and meaningful, and consequently the socio-economic development of our dear country.

“Finally, we are glad that governments all over the world are recognizing youth inputs and contribution to socio-economic development. However, we cannot overemphasise the need for more inclusivity and support frameworks that ensures youth can continue to amplify skills, talents and efforts (collectively and individually) towards restoring the planet and protect life.”


JCI President calls for youths involvement in politics

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