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. BOMU’s engagement with COSBOTS on royalties and distribution

The Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) has managed to have an engagement with COSBOTS. It was not easy engagement yet worthy of pursuing in the interest of BOMU members, and indeed members of COSBOTS as a whole. We are grateful that we have been able to share our concerns with COSBOTS, and they have also equally raised their concerns and shared their challenges.

Though the engagement happened when public statements were already and unfortunately shared by both parties, addressing the other in a rather our un-preferred mode of communication, we are satisfied that we have managed to engage COSBOTS on matters surrounding distribution of royalties. We have agreed that BOMU will partake in the assistance of information dissemination to its members and members of COSBOTS, and that COSBOTS shall whenever required and or when a need arise provide such information to BOMU, to ensure accuracy and relevance. This will ensure that BOMU does not have to find itself fishing for information that is readily available as that might distort purpose and intention. It was never our intention to engage on a public spat with COSBOTS.

We have also managed to engage on defining the relationship between BOMU and COSBOTS, so that we partner were possible to serve the Botswana Creative Industry. This definition of a relationship will go a long way in managing expectations and setting forth the management of expectations from both COSBOTS and BOMU. Considering that we share members with COSBOTS, this definition of relationship and its management thereof is critical and significant for the Creative Industry.

We apologise for the public spats we have had with COSBOTS. Both sides have agreed to work on the modality of rules of engagement. We shall share the details of such engagement when they have been finalised and agreed upon. We further plead with our members to do their level best to route their concerns regarding COSBOTS through COSBOTS provided platforms for such purposes. We are also requesting our members that BOMU will continue to receive their concerns and channel them to COSBOTS through a defined relationship between COSBOTS and BOMU.

Yours in the Creative Industry,

Mr. Rasina Winfred Rasina
(Secretary General)

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