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IDPs in Lainya county receive humanitarian aid


Author: Woja Emmanuel | Published: 1 min ago

Internally Displaced Persons in Lainya County of Central Equatoria State – Credit | Office of the County commissioner | April 2021

Some internally displaced persons in Lainya County of Central Equatoria State have received humanitarian assistance.

This is according to the office of the county commissioner.

The assorted food items were distributed by Plan International over the weekend, as part of the efforts to support over 10,000 IDPs sheltering at Church and school compounds there.

The assorted food items – which included sorghum, beans, salt, and cooking oil – were donated by the World Food Program and distributed by the implementing partner, Plan International.

Bida Lokoyome, the press secretary in the office of the commissioner spoke to Eye Radio morning Sunday from Lainya County.

“The food distribution came from WFP and implemented by Plan International. They brought this food to Lainya on the 12th and 13th of August to help those IDPs and returnees,” said Bida Lokoyome.

“We have different group of people, there are those who came from Uganda, and we also have the Internally Displaced Persons because of the recent conflict that happened in Lainya some two months ago.”

Over the past months, Lainya County residents have been displaced by fighting between the SSPDF and the National Salvation Front and an invasion of several payams by armed pastoralists.

The SSPDF and NAS, who both have presence in Lainya County, have repeatedly clashed in the recent past, leading to the displacement of thousands of people.

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