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How to Trade Forex Strategically in South Africa


Forex has become one of the most popular ways to diversify your investment portfolio and grow your wealth so you can have enough money to live comfortably in the present and in the future. But, whether you are totally new to forex trading or you have experience and want to boost your returns, there are certain strategies you can employ.

By implementing the right techniques, you can watch your money grow more consistency, and you can also trade with more confidence. So, how can you trade forex strategically? Check out the tips below to get started.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Tech comes in handy, regardless of your experience level. For example, if you’re totally new to trading forex, signing up for a demo account is a great way to get some practice before you actually start trading with your real money. And even after you have been trading for a while, you can still keep using technology to your advantage.

One of the forex strategies that you can use to trade with greater ease involves selecting a program that will deliver information to you if you need to be alerted to changes in the market. Beyond that, you can also take advantage of technology that can help make it easier to place stop-loss orders. What benefits can you derive from using stop-loss orders? Well, they basically assure you that, if the forex market changes unexpectedly, and those changes might lead to losses, you will have a protection in place to prevent those losses. 

Trade at Different Times of the Day and Night

Because the forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the hours of the day during which you will perform your buying and selling of currency pairs.

Different markets will be open during different times of the day or night. So, if you want to trade specific currency pairs, consider when their markets are open, and how that coincides with the time zone that you are in. For example, consider forex trading times in South Africa and the currency pairs that are best traded during those hours. That way, you can analyze their behavior and take action right away, if necessary, to increase gains and reduce losses.

Consider Currency Trends

In order to trade strategically in the forex market, you need to be aware of the trends that currency pairs move through. Sure, you can look at short-term trends and expectations to make accurate predictions and execute trades that will make you some money. This would involve looking at how currencies act over the course of hours.

But you can also look at longer-term trends, which could be daily, weekly, or monthly trends, to figure out how a currency pair will behave. When you do that, you might discover that you can more easily time out your trades so you can make even higher returns, and you may not need to keep such a close eye on the market multiple times a day.

Trade Like a Pro to Grow Your Forex Account

With the right forex trading strategies, you can make more money while reducing your risk of losing money. So, whether you are new or experienced in this market, it’s a great idea to stay on top of the latest strategies that professionals are using to increase their profits.

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