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Lusaka ~ Thur, 19 Aug 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

PRESIDENT-Elect Hakainde Hichilema has assured diplomats accredited to Zambia that human rights, freedoms and liberties will be guaranteed under his administration.

He held a closed door meeting at his residence this morning with German Ambassador Anne Wagner-Mitchell, Finnish Ambassador Pirjo Suomela-Chowdhury and Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Antonio Maggiore.

According to a statement issued by press secretary to the President–Elect Brian Mwiinga, Mr Hichilema who met four diplomats this morning said they are free to engage with any citizen, including the opposition in order to get views on he will be governing the country.

The President-Elect is confident that when human rights, freedoms and liberties are upheld, the Country will attract investment and goodwill and in turn promote his economic vision.

“You are free to meet anyone, talk to anyone and ask about our leadership and no one from our end will call you to ask why because we will ensure total freedom for our citizens while delivering economic development as that is what they voted for,” Mr Hichilema said, according to Mwiinga.

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