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Social Media stoke the flames but Mjamaica, DJ LaTimmy remain cool

Social media went into a frenzy this week when ‘digital detectives’ exposed the striking similarities between comedian Mjamaica and DJ LaTimmy’s logos.

The two logos certainly share an uncanny resemblance, especially in design.


Indeed, at first glance, one could easily be mistaken for the other.

However, while ‘keyboard warriors’ smelled a copycat, berating LaTimmy, whose logo release took place after Mjamaica’s, both men played down the ‘saga’.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment, Mjamaica, who boasts a Facebook following of over 931, 000, revealed he was only made aware of the similarities in the logos last week.

“I received a lot of notifications only last week, before then I wasn’t aware. Look, to be fair LaTimmy and I are in the same industry but we do different things, I am into comedy he is into music so I don’t see how this can be a problem, real or perceived,” was the popular comedian’s level-headed reading of the situation.

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The Thamaga native further said there was nothing much to the issue; indeed, he insisted there was no issue!



“I see no problem with it. I am really not disturbed by it, because I believe maybe when he [DJ LaTimmy] made the logo he was not aware they would look similar, I don’t think there was no pun intended,” concluded the 27-year-old funnyman.

For his part, LaTimmy shared similar sentiments, dismissing the whole debacle as ‘a storm in a teacup’.



“I feel like it is just people trying to make something out of nothing. I don’t think there is any big deal. People are blowing things out of proportion. They are not similar: his is MJ and mine is LT. The only similarity is maybe that they are in a square. And no, we have not talked about it,” he said.

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