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Gazza’s ‘Messiah’ finger-licking good – The Namibian


GAZZA is once again proving he knows a thing or two about marketing.

With a finger-licking good deal finally unveiled, the ‘Uuteku’ singer confirmed his upcoming album would be available in collaboration with KFC’s ‘Zula buckets’.

Gazza says KFC’s Zula buckets will give customers access to his ‘Messiah’ singles once purchased via streaming on the Africentric platform.

He says the more singles one unlocks, the better the chances of getting the entire album before the hard copies become available in October.

The Zula bucket promotion will run for eight weeks.

“You get an SMS with a generated code you enter on the Africentric web page, which you can listen to over and over again. This is all about moving away from the conservative way of marketing. We are grateful to KFC for coming on board, and we’re willing to take the risk, and we are here now,” he says.

Gazza says the product is called a Zula bucket as his music gives hope to those who need it most.

“It’s affordable, and my music is designed to appeal to those who are not fortunate in life to give them hope and not to give up, because not too long ago, I was in their shoes. I relate to ghetto kids a lot, so I try to make them uplifting music. Even though my music was not uplifting when I started off, it was still music for the grassroots people. The vision has changed to be that of uplifting my community,” he says.

Gazza says those who unlock more than six songs, stand a chance to stream the entire album for free.

“The world is moving towards digital means of product distribution, hence we are using Africentric, a proudly local platform to stream from. The other streaming sites will only be for marketing purposes,” he says.

The Zula bucket promotion is set to kick off this week.


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