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FuelEx partners with cricket – The Namibian


FUELEX Namibia was announced as an official partner and sponsor of Cricket Namibia at a press conference on Friday.

Cricket Namibia (CN) CEO Johan Muller said FuelEx Namibia had been signed up as their official fuel partner, after he met FuelEx Namibia’s managing director, Pieter Meyer in December.

“I met Pieter when we hosted our national week for our u11, u13, u15 and u19 teams, and the first thing he told me was, Johan, it’s great to see cricket being well organised, how can we help. So we started communicating about what is their business and what is ours, and Pieter soon signed up to assist cricket Namibia as the official fuel partner for our development and youth programmes,” he said.

Muller said the sponsorship had helped them undertake road shows throughout Namibia, while reaching 55 000 children during the year.

“That is a significant amount in Namibia, and also bearing in mind that it was another Covid-impacted year and a lot of the schools were closed. We had to take our programmes to beaches, streets, parking areas, wherever we could find an open space, just to play and the contribution from FuelEx was an enormous benefit to make sure that this programme actually runs and operates,” he said.

So I want to announce the sponsorship between FuelEx Namibia and cricket Namibia as official fuel partner and I really want to thank them for investing in Namibia. They came into the country and immediately decided they want to invest in Namibia, and invest in the culture and development of Namibia,” he added.

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