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The 2021 NTA league for men and women comes to end this coming weekend after a few months of excellent tennis played in the capital.
The league consists of two categories: A first league, where the top senior and junior players compete, and a second or social league for the more recreational players.
All finals will be played on Saturday (21 August) at the Central Tennis Courts and promises to be exciting!
Reigning champions in both the men’s and ladies league are SKW who both stand a good chance of defending their titles.

Thrilling encounters
In the men’s first league there have been some thrilling encounters between CTC, SKW and Nampol where some of Namibia’s Davis Cup players, top juniors and experienced senior players battled it out on the court.
The final will be played between Nampol, who booked their place in the final by heading the log at the end of the league phase, and either CTC or SKW who are in the middle of their semi-final encounter.
The outstanding matches feature singles matches between Deon van Dyk (SKW) and Nguvi Hinda (CTC) as well as Daniel Jauss (SKW) and Dantago Gawanab (CTC), and then a doubles match featuring these players.
CTC currently leads the tie after Mickey Alemu and Risto Shikongo won both their singles matches as well as the doubles match against George Dzinoreva and Henrico du Plessis of SKW.

Taking it easy
The competition in the men’s second league, albeit more social, has also been fierce with some tough matches all around. DTS managed to grab a spot in the final after beating Nampol 2 with a convincing score of 4-1. DTS’s Elias Shikongo and Ruben Nel each won their singles matches and the team won 2 of the 3 doubles encounters. Their opponents in the league finals are CTC4, one of the many CTC teams, led by Eno Akpabio. They beat CTC3, led by Collin Nyandoro, also 4-1 in matches. The match for the 3rd spot is between Nampol 2 and CTC 3.
The playoffs for 5th-6th and 7th -8th will be contested between PTA 1 and CTC 2 and PTA 2 and OTB Sport respectively after some entertaining playoff matches this past weekend.

And for the ladies…
The ladies’ league has fewer teams and players overall, but a great injection of junior players has helped keep the matches interesting.
SKW, with top junior player Lisa Yssel and Amanda van Dyk, take on CTC featuring amongst others Taime Naushiku and Meghan Lombardt in the final. CTC already lost against SKW in the pool match but will have a chance to avenge themselves on Saturday. The match for 3rd and 4th places will be between DTS and Nampol, which will promise some spirited tennis played with great sportsmanship.

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