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Ethiopians in Belgium, Luxembourg Protest vs EU pressure on Ethiopia


Ethiopians in Belgium and Luxembourg call on the EU to refrain from unnecessarily pressuring Ethiopia

Photo : MFAE


Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels and Ethiopian Diaspora Associations in Belgium have organized a rally involving Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian origins in Brussels and Luxembourg to call on the European Union and the West to refrain from putting unnecessary pressures on Ethiopia.

The demonstrators also called on the European Union to stand by Ethiopia, condemn TPLF’s conscription of child soldiers and the massacres on civilians in Afar.

They also condemned the TPLF for rejecting the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire and rallied with posters showcasing the massacres in Afar and Maikadra.

The Embassy and the Ethiopian Diaspora Association have also consulted on ways to collect funds to strengthen the Ethiopian Defense Force and the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.


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