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Nothing is going to come out of the KMC corruption case. The Barrow administration lacks the wherewithal to fight corruption. The regime is banking on a so-called civil suit to be filed by the prime suspect behind that high profile graft case. They are hoping that Sainabou Martin Sonko’s lawsuit would expose Mayor Bensouda’s alleged complicity into the corruption web at that exposed council.

So far no one has been charged. The police files would continue to gather dust just like previous case files.

Corruption has been normalized in today’s Gambia. No one is going to jail for stealing from taxpayers. This is largely because of the status quo’s weakness to fight graft.


Word have it that there are few public officials whose hands are clean. Hence, that is why the corrupt majority serving aren’t eager to prioritize the fight against corruption.

President Adama Barrow is not working with honest people. Sycophancy is now becoming the order of the day under his rule. He is watching by allowing thieves aiding their fellow thieves. Absurd!

Sainabou Martin Sonko and co’s alleged theft case reminds us about the case of Yankuba Touray. Touray’s co accused persons were used by the prosecution to testify against the former junta Local government Minister. He was subsequently sentenced to death.

His co accused persons: Alhagie Kanyi, Edward Singhateh and Peter Singhateh haven’t been charged. Selective prosecution, right.

The Lands Ministry shouldn’t side with Sainabou Martin Sonko. This matter should be handled by the police. Period!!

The other day, someone jokingly told us that Talib Bensouda was in Gambisara to see his renowned marabout. That he was there to seek for prayers, so that the Lands Ministry Inspectors wouldn’t find any adverse evidence of corruption against him. Laughable, right.

Whether true or false, the timing of his Gambisara visit speaks volume. Its Gambia though, where marabout rule is a reality. People in that part of the world believes in spiritualism.

President Barrow should bear in mind that the issue of corruption would dominate the 2021 campaign trail. His opponents would go after him, they would build a case against him, that he is an inept leader, who has no commitment in fighting graft.

The recently elected Zambian opposition won that poll largely because of their strong campaign in exposing official graft.  It took them close to twenty years before ascending to the Presidency.

President Barrow wake up and do the right thing. Regimes that embrace corruption would often end up in the dustbin of history, it would suffer a humiliating departure.

Opportunists and sycophants wouldn’t tell you the truth. They would always tell you what you “wanna” hear, or what would make you happy. Stay away from them.

If anyone tells you that you can win elections under the prevailing circumstances, he must be fooling you.

The truth be told, the United Democratic Party (UDP) could win the coming elections.

In order to prevent a UDP victory, you should assemble a strong campaign team. Do not rely on briefcase politicians, fake proclaimed politicians, fraudsters and “never winners.”

Looking at your recent body language, I could see a confused, angry,dejected  and worried leader. December is fasting approaching. The verdict of The Gambian people would be delivered.  We hope political parties would accept the verdict of The Gambian people come December 4th.

Your recent declaration to ban opposition meetings is a misguided statement. Curtailing opposition freedoms is not the right course of action in this 21st century.

Mr. President, we are also alarmed about your recent statement regarding the funds that were transferred from China to your wife’s foundation Trust Bank account. You told the nation that the funds in question were transferred to the First Lady’s account under your own directive. There are legal implications associated with your statement. Please consult your AG Dawda Jallow for legal advice.

Finally, President Barrow, please do not let the stolen taxpayers millions at the KMC to go unaccounted for. The stolen funds should be recovered.

There shouldn’t be any sacred cows. Corrupt council officials should face the full brunt of the law. We rest our case!

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