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Drama as inspector confiscates latecomers’ school bags


PARENTS had to rush to the Katima Mulilo Circuit Office on Wednesday to collect confiscated school bags of pupils who allegedly came to school late.

This came after the circuit office inspector, Dile Limbo, confiscated the school bags of hundreds of pupils from Ngweze Secondary School, and sent them home to get their parents. The parents had to sign letters pledging that they would ensure that their children are punctual every morning and adhere to the school rules and regulations before their bags were returned.

Limbo told The Namibian that although this action might be deemed drastic, it was needed to instil discipline among pupils who were in the habit of coming late to school after the Covid-19 holiday. He added that over 300 pupils were late.

“School lessons were not disrupted because we were already planning to send them home, as there is no water in the town. We have consulted with the parents and they have vowed to help curb this behaviour of the pupils,” he said.

However, many parents were not happy about being called away from their busy schedules to attend to this, saying the circuit office was supposed to handle the issue without involving them.

“There are so many urgent issues the inspector can attend to, but this is not one of them. The school is very capable of handling this issue. Imagine schools just reopened due to Covid-19 and the pupils are behind with school work. Now their lessons are disrupted by such things,” said Joel Likando, one of the parents.

Likando added that he had to seek permission from work to rush to the circuit office for this issue, which was supposed to be solved by subjecting the pupils to punishment even in the form of labour after school.

Another parent, who preferred to remain anonymous, also left work to attend to this issue, but said his bosses were not impressed that he was leaving work abruptly.

“I am really not happy. They were supposed to handle this issue internally instead of calling us. My children left home at 06h00 and I don’t know why they were late. We, as parents, don’t have control over these kids when they leave for school, now we are summoned,” he said.

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