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Coronavirus: Tunisia, ranked 2nd in Africa and 1st in the Maghreb in terms of number of deaths


Tunisia places second in terms of the number of mortality caused by the coronavirus at the level of the African continent after South Africa, according to the latest update released yesterday, Tuesday, by the Regional Office of the World Organization of the health (WHO) for Africa based on data gathered by the Organization on August 15, reported the TAP agency.

Therefore, South Africa tops the list of African countries (57 countries) in terms of the number of deaths with 77,440 deaths, followed by Tunisia (21,905 deaths) and Egypt ( 16,625 deaths). Tunisia proceeds to lead the Maghreb countries in terms of the number of deaths, followed by Egypt and Morocco (11,119 deaths), Algeria (4,830 deaths), Libya (3,933 deaths) and Mauritania (645 deaths), according to the same source.

According to this latest update, the number of infections recorded on the African continent has reached about 7 million 300 thousand cases, including 184 thousand deaths and 6.4 million cases of recovery. The vaccination rate in Tunisia has been accelerated with the two intensive vaccination days organized on August 8 and 15, which allowed more than 551 thousand people and around 600 thousand people to be vaccinated respectively.

As of August 16, the total number of people vaccinated in Tunisia surpassed 4 million 690 thousand people including more than 3 million 406 thousand with the first dose and around 1.284 thousand with the second injection. One million 843 thousand people have completed their vaccination cycle, including 288 thousand with the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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