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Confusion rocks in PF Central meeting



Confusion rocks in PF Central meeting yesterday

Ba ECL very selfish.
He was saying people are calling for me to go , yes I will go but not now I need to be given time.
He still want to be there.
2. Committees where formed (a) to look at petitions of various election results.: Chaired by Hon Mundubile.

(b) to orient new members of parliment chaired by Hon Given Lubinda.
(c) to look at the postponterm why we lost elections , this one people said Hon Kambwili
Lubinda rose up and said we need gender balance can we give it to Hon jean kapata majority refused , by then ninshi ba Lungu and Innonge have already left.
There was total confusion
Mundubile walked out of the meeting ,so is New mp for Nakonde followed by mabumba.
Brave mweetwa rose up and said if you refuse Hon Kambwili to lead then forget about PF bcz the same people you want to lead the commite are the ones who made us to lose election.
Kampyongo came in to say let jean chair and deputize by Hon Kambwili.

Chiteme came in to say kanshil let us bring neautral people like nawakwi and sakwiba sikota.
People refused.
Vincent Mwale came into say why are you scared of Kambwili?
He is the right man if anything bcz he went round to campaign so he can be the best leader to convise our structures.
Mukupa came in as chairman and said let jean lead.

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