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Come home, or pay up


*Ghetto businessman pleads with run away wife

A well-known Francistown businessman, Bongani Solomon is unlucky in love.

Three years after tying the knot with his second wife Amantle Taziba, the self-professed street hustler is facing another marital storm.

Solomon married on the back of a nasty divorce that earned him a prison sentence after his ex-wife slapped him with a P30 000 child maintenance suit.

Looking jaded, Solomon walked through The Voice office on Wednesday afternoon to share his frustration about the latest developments in his marriage.

“My wife has left the matrimonial home. It’s been over a month now and all efforts to seek answers from her family and efforts of mediation have hit a snag,” he blurted out.

Solomon said when he married Taziba in a posh wedding at Tati River Lodge in December 2018; he had not yet paid lobola as he had maintenance arrears to pay.

“There was an agreement that I would pay later, but now that was for a long time used against me in this marriage. I’ve never been happy because my wife spent most of the time at her mother’s place and each time I complained I was reminded that I still owed the family the bride price,” he said.

Solomon said he finally paid P30 000 to the Taziba family with the hope that his wife would show commitment as a life partner, but to no avail.

“On the 29th of July I came home to find that my wife had packed up her stuff and left. She also left with my Golf 6 and four -year old daughter,” he said.

“The car unfortunately developed mechanical problems on the way and she abandoned it. I recently learnt that she works for a security company in Seller Fiche. I also saw her pictures holidaying in Kasane,” Solomon said.

The visibly disturbed Solomon blamed his in-laws for his wife’s actions.

“They are not interested in reconciling us, which makes me question their motive to give their daughter into marriage,”

“My wife clearly has moved on, but has not divorced me. This is what leads to depression in men because we spend a lot of money on weddings, but women can simply decide to leave, and not pay back. I want cash back if she does not return. I spent almost P180 000 in this union,” claimed Solomon.

The businessman said some of the businesses that were run by his wife are in debt.

“Sheriffs are looking for her. The next thing everyone is going to say I’m a bad husband if I let her go to jail,”

“I was in a bad marriage and I was hoping this one would work. I’ve no plans of divorcing my wife, but I need the Taziba family to play their role in reconciling us, instead of driving my wife away from me,” he said.

Efforts were made to contact Solomon’s wife but her phone rang unanswered.

The Voice also contacted the groom’s mother in law Warona Tabiza, but her mobile also rang unanswered.

Both did not respond to text messages sent to them.

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