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Ramou Sabally, an NPP supporter, has defected to the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP). Ms. Sabally announced her defection on Monday. She took to WhatsApp to announce her departure from the NPP.  

Her defection followed a row she had with NPP’s Maimuna Baldeh, the NPP National Women’s mobilizer. She couldn’t getting along Mai Baldeh.

Over the weekend, Ramou Sabally was in talks with Lamin Saidy and Maimuna Ceesay Darboe. At this time, she had told her followers that she was planning to leave the NPP. She attacked Mai Baldeh online, calling her names. She even claimed that she had a nude picture of Mrs. Baldeh.


Though the NPP’s support base said she was lying, that she has no such pictures of Mai Baldeh. One of them disputing Ramou’s claims was businessman Fafa Ceesay, a strong NPP supporter. Ceesay had even offered to pay Ms. Sabally D50,000 dalasis if she should produce the alleged nude picture of Mai Baldeh.

Another NPP supporter one Aji said he was willing to give Ramou Sabally D200,000 dalasis if she should produce the said nude picture.

Ramou Sabally has been accused of trying to blackmail Mai Baldeh.

Until late Monday evening, Ramou Sabally hasn’t produce the nude picture that she talked about on her WhatsApp voice message.

Meanwhile, the UDP supporters have opened a WhatsApp forum and dedicated it to Ramou Sabally’s name. Ms. Sabally announces her defection through that forum, created by one Jados.

According to Fafa Ceesay, it was him who brought Ramou Sabally to the Barrow Youth Movement for National Development. He also said he and Dodou Sanno funded the meeting that was held at the hometown of Ramou Sabally, Kombo Lamin.

“Ramou Sabally has been routinely undermining the leadership of Mai Baldeh. She doesn’t want Mai Baldeh to lead the party’s women’s wing. She has been acting in concert with Maimuna Ceesay, and Isatou Trawally to undermine Mai’s leadership. MP Fatoumatta Jawara is also part of the scheme to undermine Mai Baldeh. Tribalism is getting into the party. It is wrong for them to target Mai because they are not from the same tribe,” Mr. Ceesay told Freedom radio.

“I am appealing to our supporters to remain united and avoid tribalism to divide them. We have few months to the elections; it makes no sense for these people to push and pull over the issue of leadership. She is free to leave the party; that is her right. We want peace in the party. Anyone who loves and support President Barrow shouldn’t be behaving this way,” Ceesay added.

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