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Bally inauguration comes with free cows For braai


PREPARE braii stands, charcoal, salt and chilli for a mother of all braiis, the people of Monze District and other parts of Southern Province have warned.

You would imagine people distributing chunks of beef to celebrate this momentous occasion but these jubilants have gone a step further to distribute live cattle to grab and sample.

As you are reading this article, cattle ranchers of Southern Province in Mololi, Maala, Chitongo and Chief Hamusonde areas are packing truckloads of heads of cattle which they plan to release in enmasse in the ghettos and streets of Lusaka city in celebration of the victory of President-Elect Hichilema’s triumph over the PF.

That sounds like Kalemba’s creativity, but it’s actually true – there will be limitless sharing of cattle, a cultural heritage of Southern Province.

The overjoyed farmers have promised that the cows will be let loose for a free-for-all braii between the Lusaka Central Business District and the Heroes Stadium and any citizen can simply catch one of the animals, slaughter and share the meat.

The hundreds of cows which have been donated by various ranchers from Southern Province are meant to give inauguration goers a beefy occasion.

But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pounce on one or two animals and start breeding, typical of President-elect Hichilema’s lifestyle. Who knows; one may just be a rancher with 50 – 100 cattle a few years from now.

Meanwhile, another batch of cattle will be offloaded at Makeni Flyover and be shepherded to Heroes Stadium for a triumphant entry as a needless gift for the President-elect.

“People should not be scared to get the cows, that is how we are going to celebrate. As I speak to you the cows are being selected in readiness to be loaded on the trucks to Lusaka,” a source close to the beefy arrangement told Kalemba.

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