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Muckraker is told that Mr Softie recently walked into a Cabinet meeting with a stern face. Sources said he told the ministers he was tired of their lies and excuses.
After a monologue that lasted more than ten minutes, Mr Softie instructed the ministers to go back to their offices and read Psalm 1 vs 20.
The ministers dutifully nodded and left the meeting.

In the next meeting, Mr Softie asked those who had read Psalm 1 vs 20 to raise their hands. Everyone did. Others even said it was the most instructive verse they had read. The bootlickers praised him for having the wisdom to recommend the verse. Some said the verse had changed their lives while others swore they had shared it with their pastors on Sunday.
One female minister even said her children were already singing the verse.
A male minister said he had read it out at the office prayer the previous day.
A bulky minister said it had inspired him to start jogging and eat less.
One said he was now reading it every morning before coming to work.

Mr Softie watched these testimonies with an amused look on his face. After they had finished their testimonies, he handed each minister a Bible and asked them to read from Psalm 1 vs 20.
What followed was 20 minutes of silence as they all hunted for the verse.
Then one minister raised his hand and requested to speak.
“Boss, I think this version is different from mine,” he said.
“Me too,” said another one. “I read it from the Sesotho version,” said one as he furiously flipped through the pages.
“These English Bibles are a problem for me,” said another one who was now sweating profusely.

Then Mr Softie banged his yellowbone fist on the desk. “Shut up, you morons! Psalm 1 ends with verse 6 and today we are talking about ministers who have a habit of lying and making excuses.
Mr Softie was expecting the ministers to hide under the table in shame but was shocked when they all started screaming at him.
One reminded him that he doesn’t have a strong majority in parliament.
Another said he had sneaked into the office.

One threatened to report him to the Feselady for making them read non-existent verses in the Bible. “Bring Thabane,” said another one.
“You must apologise or you will be history tomorrow,” screamed another minister. The backlash shocked Mr Softie.
“Melamu fatše bahlomphehi,” Mr Softie said.
“Now, let’s read Psalm 1 vs 6”. “For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.”

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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