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Alexandra Obey Launches Music Career with Controlla



There is a new female artist in the game and she’s coming for everything under the sun!

Renowned make-up artist and model Alexandra Obey recently launched her musical career with the song and video ‘Controlla’, saying it’s about time she let the world know of her many talents.

Having entered the creative space 10 years ago, she says her love for music eventually led her to making her own with a few notched up already. ‘Controlla’, shot by Reggie Films and produced by Mr Glo, with multiple scenes that fit the lyrical aspect is a way of Obey being different.

“Even if I used the same resources as everyone else, I added that Obey uniqueness. We shot it in two days and since the song is about freaks being in control, the locations – a hotel room, the gym and a construction site – are a few places one can dominate at and that is what we went for,” she said.

Obey, who is currently studying music with a London-based school, says she has already been in the studio with a few artists including Dion from PDK and has hopes of dropping an EP in the near future. The new artist is hopeful of her new venture and looks forward to contributing gems to the industry.

“I listen to all kinds of music, I know good music and I listen to understand so I get inspired by so many artists, people in general and by nature. This is just the beginning and I look forward to it,” she concluded.

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