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Al-Mangoush & Al-Sour discuss illegal immigration, international crime and human trafficking


The Minister also highlighted the need to reshuffle the Ministry’s work by terminating the excess bodies working for Libya abroad. [Photo: MoFA]

Najla Al-Mangoush, Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with Attorney-General Sideeq Al-Sour to address pressing issues such as combating illegal migration, international organized crime, and human trafficking.

The meeting focused on the phenomenon of illegal migration, the threat it poses to Libyan national security, and the demographic distribution of the population, as well as reports of ill-treatment of illegal migrants by international organizations in some detention centres, particularly vulnerable groups such as children and women.

In this regard, the Minister said that she had encountered two instances of illegal immigrants who had been tortured and imprisoned for three years by a vicious and violent international gang.

The Minister emphasized the need of identifying and combating transnational criminals engaged in human trafficking, noting that Libya was a transit state for illegal migrants rather than a destination or source.

The Minister emphasized the importance of collaboration and coordination among the Attorney-Office, General’s the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other relevant bodies, as well as Libyan neighbours, in developing a comprehensive border security strategy to reduce this and other negative phenomena, such as smuggling and organized crime.

She also examined the Ministry’s legal measures to control its operation, remove any legal excesses, and implement the rules regulating its work, especially with respect to the termination of the employment of ambassadors and diplomats assigned to Libyans abroad.

In closing the meeting, the Minister praised the Attorney-General’s office for its committed efforts in fighting organized crime, particularly human trafficking, which had been exploited by international gangs, as well as its involvement in combating terrorism and cross-border crime.

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