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3 suspects arrested over herdsmen-farmers clashes in Mangalla


Author: Woja Emmanuel | Published: 30 seconds ago

A picture of cattle leaving Kajo-keji on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. Several media reports suggest that these animals are a major cause of intercommunal conflicts in the country | Credit | Courtesy

Police in Juba are detaining at least three people suspected of instigating the violence that led to the death of two people in Mangalla last week.

Yesterday, a community leader told Eye Radio that two people were killed in Mankaro and Gabor villages of Mangalla Payam on Friday.

In response, the police arrested two cattle keepers and a farmer from the communities that engaged in the fighting.

They are believed to be the people that started the conflict.

Steven Legge said the suspects are being detained at Gumbo Police Station for investigation.

“Those two people who have been arrested are from the IDPs and then in the community one person was also arrested. They are in Gumbo for investigation,” said Legge.

“We are calling on the intervention of the national and the state governments to intervene and restore the security situation in the aforementioned areas that is Mankaro and Gabor in Mangalla.”

Last week’s shootout ensued after locals accused some cattle keepers from the IDP camp in Mangalla of leading their cows to farmlands.

The deceased, John Tabuk, aged 28, and James, in his 20s were both murdered when the cattle herders opened fire at random on them.

Three other people were also wounded in the fight.

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